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Samuel L. Jackson Shares Story Behind His ‘Star Wars’ Casting


Samuel L. Jackson recently discussed his role in Star Wars and how he became a part of the franchise. Jackson has portrayed Mace Windu in the Star Wars universe. Beginning with The Phantom Menace, Jackson played the role of the Jedi master in all three of the Star Wars prequel films. Revenge of the Sith later killed off his role. He said, “I just show up. Sometimes I show up uncredited. Sometimes it’s a favor, or I’m doing it because I actually think that this director is going to do something later and I want to be a part of that director’s lexicon.” He continued about how he became a part of the illustrious franchise, “Fortunately, I’ve been in the blockbuster business for a while. I remember I was on some British talk show and they asked me if there were any directors I wanted to work with I hadn’t worked with. I go, ‘Yeah, George Lucas. I’d love to be in a Star Wars movie.'”  He added, “Then I go off and I’m doing Sphere in Vallejo with Dustin [Hoffman] and Sharon Stone and I get the call. ‘George Lucas would like to meet you. He hears you want to be in his Star Wars movie.’ Then George and I became really good friends. He liked my work ethic, he liked the fact I showed up, I hit my marks, I knew my lines, I was nice to everybody, I was cool, I was glad to be there.”


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