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CeeLo Outlines Goodie Mob’s Contributions To Hip-Hop Culture


CeeLo Green with Goodie Mob performs during the Dungeon Family Reunion Tour 2019 at The Fox Theatre on Saturday, April 20, 2019, in Atlanta. (Photo by Robb Cohen/Invision/AP) On August 11, a day recognized by many as Hip-Hop’s official birthday, CeeLo was doing what he does best—performing.  “August 11 was definitely a day and an event worth celebrating,” he tells AllHipHop in a recent interview. “Hip-Hop has inspired and changed so many lives completely, mine included. I’m honored to be counted and to have come from its origin—the atmosphere, community, cosmic quality of hip-hop music is undeniable.”  An Atlanta native, CeeLo came up as part of the Dungeon Family, the musical collective of local artists like Outkast, Big Rube, Organized Noize, Killer Mike and, of course, Goodie Mob.    “I think that’s definitely our contribution to the culture and to community—being able to spearhead and set into motion the rise and reign of Southern Hip-Hop,” he says, confidently. “We fought those first wars, and we fought for the civil rights and the equality of Hip-Hop. And with that equality, we gave the sentiment and the sound a certain kind of quality.

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