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John Legend Wants Us All To Fight For Democracy


John Legend’s children are still too young to be full-on activists, but he and his wife Chrissy Teigen are starting early to impress upon them the importance of civic engagement and caring for the community.  “We try to teach them about what we’re doing, what we give to, what we donate, to what we volunteer for. We bring them along to volunteer sometimes too,” Legend told CNN. “We teach them early on that they’re blessed and that they’re in a very fortunate position in life, but not everybody is so blessed and so fortunate.”  “The world needs all the help it can get right now,” he told CNN, as “there’s so much we have to be concerned about.” Then there are the issues of division he would like to see Americans overcome.   “I think when it comes to cohesion and us coming together to work together to try to build a better community and a better society, I think we need to do better at that,” Legend said. “Part of it is through strengthening our democracy and fighting to make sure everyone has equal access to voting and housing and resources that they need like healthcare.”

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