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R Kelly Returns to Social Media

Entertainment by Lynne Haze

R. Kelly Returns To Social Media.  With all of the allegations against R. Kelly, he’s been very quiet on social media. He returned to Instagram and Twitter on Wednesday with a video message to his estranged daughter. Buku Abi condemned her father on social media in January calling him a “monster.” Kelly sang and said,… Read more »

Kristoff St. John Died From Heart Disease

Entertainment by Lynne Haze

Kristoff St. John died from heart disease.   The heart disease was triggered by accidental overdose of alcohol.  Wow…It looks like Kristoff was drinking heavily at the time of his death.  He was very distraught over the suicide death of his son who took his life about 3 years ago.  So sad… Read more here

6 of the Dirtiest Items in Your Home

Home by Lynne Haze

6 of the dirtiest items in your home.  We often don’t want to think about it but our most treasured items can be the dirtiest.  According to Good House Keeping there are 6 items that we may take for granted and not only do they tell us what they are, they tell us how to… Read more »

Chance The Rapper & Wife Expecting Baby #2

Entertainment by Lynne Haze

Chance the Rapper & wife expecting baby #2.  Chance the Rapper and his now wife Kirsten are having another baby, and yes it’s a girl!  Chance announced it yesterday on Instagram and thanked GOD for his family’s blessing.  So much has happened to this inspiring young man.  Congratulations to him and his family. Read here

What?? Now Dad’s Can Breastfeed Too

Family by Lynne Haze

What?? Now Dad’s can breastfeed too.  Yep according to USA today,  a company called Dentsu has created a breastfeeding device that Dad’s can wear to breastfeed their babies.  If you ever saw the movies Meet the Parents, and Meet the Fockers, you saw Robert De Niro’s character wearing a weird looking breast device to give… Read more »