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Jodeci’s KC Recalls Turbelent Relationship with Mary J Blige


*Long before she married Kendu Isaacs, Mary J. Blige was involved in a turbulent relationship with Jodeci’s K-Ci Hailey.

Although it seemed like a musical match made in heaven, it was ultimately anything but that as Hailey and Blige called it quits after 12 years together. In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Hailey reminisced over the time he and Blige shared gave his thoughts on why their relationship ended the way it did.

“We had fun man. We was young. It just exploded,” Hailey admitted. “I’m not gon’ lie, I did some things. She couldn’t take that heat.”

Blige’s love for Hailey was a passionate one, to say the least. Reflecting on that, Hailey mentioned one incident where Blige personally confronted a fan that got out of hand after hopping up on stage.

”I remember one night in London she came up on stage and snatched the mic from my hand. She told this girl in the front row, ‘B-tch, don’t you ever touch my man again.’ I couldn’t take that no more. She used to break up our [hotel] parties.”

From there, the question was asked about whether or not Hailey believes that Blige is his soulmate.

So what did Hailey say?

I remember when Mary J and KC of Jodeci were together a long time ago, and he was wild, and so was she.
Did you know back in the day he and Mary used to double date with Mr. Dalvin and T-Boz?

If though KC used to mess around, he said he was in love with Mary. He said she never did anything wrong to him. She always gave him his props. He also said that one time when he was on stage and a groupie jumped on stage and grabbed him, and Mary J jumped up and told the groupie B–ch you better leave my man alone.

I knew it was another reason I love Mary J Blige, she had heart then, and still got it now.

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