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Houston Women Dies While Trying to Prevent Boyfriend’s Suicide


Wow this is so sad …

A Houston woman was tragically killed on Independence Day while trying to save her boyfriend’s life.

According to NBC, the victim’s boyfriend, Michael Thomas, walked into the street and laid down after a night of drinking.

“At approximately 12:35 a.m., on Saturday, July 4, Michael Thomas was in a moving lane of traffic attempting suicide, by trying to get hit by a motor vehicle.

The woman walked out into the street and attempted to pull Thomas to safety. Unfortunately, she was mowed down by two vehicles in the process. Police say that the unidentified woman was struck once by a tan Buick Lacrosse that was trying to avoid hitting her boyfriend. She was then run over by a black Chevrolet Monte Carlo. The vision of the drivers was likely impaired due to the time and the fact that there were no street lights on the dark road. Neither of the drivers were intoxicated, nor will they face criminal charges for the crash.

Ironically, Thomas survived the accident and was taken into custody for psychiatric evaluation.

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