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Toni Braxton Movie Earn’s Praise


You know I glued to the television last night when “Unbreak My Heart” The Toni Braxton Story came on Lifetime.  I sat there thinking about how sometimes I am whining about my problems, and you look at what she had to endure, and I realized my problems weren’t so bad after all.

All that glitter’s ain’t gold and Toni Braxton is a prime example of that.  Talk about making a come back and after 2 bankruptcies???  Wow is all that I can say.

And how about Jeffrey (Gavin Houston) from the Have and the Have  Nots  as Baby Face.  He nailed it! Plus he looks like Babyface.

If you didn’t see the movie, no worries, you know Lifetime will be re-broadcasting it.

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