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Wyoming Ranch Bans Rappers After Kanye’s Party



Wyoming Ranch bans rappers after Kanye’s Party.  Yep according to the owners of Diamond Cross Ranch says they are banning rap artist from renting their property and will only rent to artist who make good music.  What?? Really?  Ok before you say this is underlined racism, check out the reasons the owner’s decided to make this decision.  One reason they say was the many noise complaints.  I’m sure seeing that many people of color showing up in their town probably scared the hell out of some folks.  (underlined racism)  The owners also said Kanye kept changing the way the program was supposed to run which also made them want to pull the plug on the listening party.  If they did Kanye may have experienced a small shot of racism and I wondered how he would have taken that.  Might have been a little reality check for him.

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