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Suge Knight Claims Dr. Dre Tried to Put a Hit on Him


Suge Knight

Suge Knight was sentenced to 28 years after being found guilty for manslaughter, in an interview with Suge detailed a ‘murder-for-hire’ scheme that he says Dr. Dre tried to put on him after he was trying to get royalties he says was owed to him.
Suge says he was owed 30% of Dre’s income and when Suge tried to collect after Dre got his Apple and Beat deal, Suge says Dre tried to have him killed.
“Based on the witnesses and evidence, [Dre] talked to [the hired guns.] He told the two guys, ‘How much would it cost to get rid of me?’ They said, ‘What you mean by get rid of me?’ He said, ‘Kill him.'” Suge says that they even went as far as to talk prices.
Do you believe Suge when he says Dr. Dre tried to have him killed?

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