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Oprah Winfrey Shares Details of Health Scare



We’ve all done it, feeling sick, see a weird bump on your skin, what do you do? Go to Google and start writing your Will because it is always bad.
One day Oprah was cooking when she felt a soreness in her neck. She went online and Googled it and already started planning for the worse. (You know you’ve done the same thing when you go to WebMD).
She said she learned her first lesson, don’t Google your symptoms and if you do, don’t panic!
For the next four hours she thought the absolute worst. In the process, she drove her blood pressure up.
Well, it was something very simple. Her salivary glands were blocked and all she had to do was drink water and suck on lemons.
Are you guilty of Googling your symptoms and planning for the worse? What have you diagnosed yourself with?

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