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Wendy Williams Husband May be the Cause of Her Problems


Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams husband may be the cause of her problems.  Husband may be behind Wendy Williams sober home stay.  Uh oh…according to Page 6 Wendy Williams controlling husband Kevin Hunter may be the reason she went to a sober facility to battle her alcohol and drug addictions.  This is disturbing to me because when Wendy is on television she makes it clear she is standing by her man, but to stay at a facility isolated from family and friends, is not cool.  She said that her husband was the only one who knew where she was.  Now photos have just surfaced of Kevin Hunter on vacation with his “alleged” mistress Sharina Hudson.  According to lovebscott, Kevin is in love with his mistress but won’t leave Wendy because of their money and joint business ventures.

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