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Dennis Rodman Allegedly Robbed a Yoga Studio


Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman allegedly robbed a yoga studio
What??  Dennis Rodman and several accomplices were caught on video attempting an elaborate robbery scheme.  This Man needs lots of prayer and needs to stop drinking!!  Now he is robbing a Yoga Studio??  Come on man…
It went down in Newport Beach, California yesterday  Rodman, 2 women, and 1 man came into VIBES Hot Yoga.
Rodman distracted employees while one of the women put clothes in her purse. The other guy in the group put a $2,500 crystal art piece on a dolly saying he wanted to buy it. He wound up breaking it. He still rolled the piece out of the studio. As this is going on, the woman is seen putting another clothing piece in her purse.  Oh lawd..
Rodman and friends left the yoga place. The owner said there was about $500 in stolen clothes as well as the broken crystal taken from the studio. He reported the incident to the police. Employees say Rodman’s bunch smelled like alcohol.  OMG…So sad…

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