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Lyfe Jennings Defends His ‘Slave’ Song


Lyfe Jennings

Lyfe Jennings Defends His ‘Slave’ Song, Says It’s Just Sex Talk
If it was Lyfe Jennings intent to get attention to his new song “Slave” he’s definitely done a good job!
The R&B singer spoke with TMZ about the controversial lyrics in the song which include, “Got your ass hoppin’ like a frog / Got your legs shakin’ like two wet dogs / This ain’t the part we fall in love / This is the part we kiss and f**k.” Then he explicitly mentions slaves, saying … “I’m gon’ beat it like a slave / So you don’t run away / Got the whips and chains / Call me master.”
Some folks say the song saying it mocks “decades of exploitation of black bodies against their will.”  It’s a bit much for me, but you can listen for yourself…

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