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Treach Claims Marriage to Pepa Ended After She Cheated on Him With Their Girlfriend



I remember back in the day when Pepa and Treach were together, I thought they were a good couple even though both of them were a little wild.  They did have their beautiful daughter Egypt who now stars on “Growing Up Hip Hop”, and now Lifetime is doing a movie on the lives of Salt n Pepa.  Treach said in a interview, the reason he and Pepa broke up was because Pepa cheated on him with “their” girlfriend..What??  What had happened was according to Treach is that they had a open marriage and through that marriage they shared a girlfriend….Now it looks like Pepa and the alleged girlfriend started having fun with Treach and he did not like that.   Well Treach you created that monster…that’s all I can say…Read the whole story below…

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