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Clive Davis Will Make His Own Whitney Houston Biopic


Clive Davis

Clive Davis says he will get it right.   Clive Davis wants to make his own Whitney Houston biopic. He discovered Whitney and says the story of Whitney Houston has not been told yet.”
Lifetime attempted to tell Whitney’s story, however public backlash and a lawsuit from her family overshadowed the biopic.
Davis says he was “optimistic” about the Lifetime documentary after interviewing with the director, Kevin Macdonald, for five hours and offering him everything from his Rolodex to archived material related to Whitney but says the doc was too “sensationalistic.”
Davis says he will make his own biopic with a “great writer and a great director.” Davis has yet to reveal a timeline for the Whitney documentary.  I say good for you Clive.  If anybody can tell the story about Whitney
Do you think Clive Davis will tell Whitney’s story in the proper way?

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