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Alicia Keys , Swizz Beatz Performing Arts Plans Put on Hold


Alicia and Swizz

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz’s plans for a performing arts campus have been stalled due to “the process.”
Alicia and Swizz, have plans to open the performing arts campus in Macedon, near Rochester, New York. The concept was set to be a center for musicians and artists.
Alicia and Swizz wanted to remodel three vacant buildings for their performing arts center and were working on a short timeline after signing the contract to purchase the property.
They even obtained an extension on the purchase barring approval from the town to be able to move forward, however, their lawyer said last week that the performing arts campus, “is not dead but is certainly not moving forward quickly.”  I sure hope they complete this, and hopefully encourage more schools to add music programs in their curriculum.

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