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Girlfriends Star Reggie Hayes Diagnosed With Congestive Heart Failure


Reggie Hayes

While Girlfriends is enjoying a renewed interest, Reggie Hayes who plays ‘William’ on the show, is dealing with serious health issues.  Last week Hayes, 51, was hospitalized in Los Angeles with congestive heart failure and due to breathing difficulty because of the wildfires in California.  Hayes told the Chicago Tribune, I was in the hospital overnight, they were having trouble getting my blood pressure back down. Seems like the more they look, the more problems they find.  Since the show, Hayes hasn’t been able to find industry work, he sold his house and lived in his sister’s garage for years.  Hayes said, I tried being a bouncer for a while, and everyone in the club wanted their picture taken with me. I’m 6-feet-2 but everybody knows I’m like a mouse; once you know me, you know I’m a pushover. So that didn’t work out. I also tried being a furniture mover, but I was in my 40s so that only lasted a couple of days. My back never would have survived it.  Wow, what are some of your favorite Girlfriends’ episodes?

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