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NPR Survey: Many Black Women Say They Are Exhausted


Black Woman Exhausted

In an NPR interview, three women gave their stories about being black in America and why they are exhausted.

One woman says that after finding out that she was pregnant she was thanked by a coworker for “choosing life” and raising her child as a single mother, the co-worker then began spewing abortion stats regarding women of color.

Another woman detailed how she felt trauma after the death of George Floyd. At work, no one was talking about what had happened yet she, as a black woman, was expected to mentor and counsel black students as well as form diversity committees even though everyone, regardless of color, has access to the same resources and could educate themselves and others.

The physical effects of this exhaustion was described by one woman as a lack of passion and desire to talk about the issues that affect the black community.

Out of 500 people who answered, “What it’s like to be black in America” 40 women mentioned exhaustion and the reason seems to be because Black women hold the burden of having to figure out how to fix black people’s problems on top of what they are already managing.

Are you exhausted? What has contributed to your exhaustion and how can people help black women lighten the load?

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