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Tamar Braxton Speaks Up For Ex-Boyfriend


Tamar Braxton

This situation between Tamar Braxton, her sisters and her ex-boyfriend David Adefeso never seems to end.  Yesterday during Smooth Topics, we talked about how Toni Braxton had some choice words for David. calling him a weasel and a ferret, and warning him to leave her family alone.  Then sister Towanda chimed in agreeing with Toni about David,  As you remember a while back David and Tamar had their drama going on with Tamar saying he assaulted her, and David also said he was assaulted by Tamar.

Whew,  a lot to take in but today, according to The Jasmine Brand, Tamar is now defending David.  She says her relationship to him wasn’t so terrible…He was an amazing partner to her and step dad to Logan.   Now this is the clincher…Tamar also said “I appreciate my family “all of a sudden speaking up for me”.  What??  “All of a sudden”?  You are now defending him??…Have you ever had happen when you defend your friend or sister against her man and then she defends HIM??? Now that’s some shade toward her sisters right there…

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