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Cynthia Bailey Reportedly Suing Ex Peter Thomas


Cynthia Bailey

Since their 2017 divorce, Peter Thomas and Cynthia Bailey have managed to maintain a cordial relationship. So cordial in fact that she felt comfortable loaning him thousands of dollars.  But remember when Peter opened his restaurant “Bar One” in Atlanta?  They never said it on the show, but most of us thought, Cynthia came up with the money for this venture.  Well we were right, and now Cynthia has taken the matter of money (her money) $170,000 to court to get her money back.

One of the things that went wrong for the bar, was it was foreclosed on.  Even though Peter was making on time payments at the time, it was not enough.  Cynthia’s name is on the deed for the building which is sadly in foreclosure as well.

But you know what they say about loaning friends and family money…it’s a risk.

Peter is scheduled to make payments to Cynthia in January 2021.


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