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Taraji P Henson’s Empire Spin-off Will Not Be Picked Up By Fox


Taraji P Henson

It looks like Cookie Lyon from the Empire Series won’t be gracing our television screens anytime soon, because according to reports Fox has decided “not” to move forward with the spin-off series centered around our girl Cookie Lyon.  The project was reportedly more than likely removed  due to a split between 20th Television and Fox. When the spinoff series was initially in development the two production companies were a part of the same company. However, 20th Television has since been acquired by Disney and retains ownership of the show and Fox Entertainment no longer has any stake in it.  This was also supposed to be produced by her production company.  I’m sure she is very disappointed as I am because I was really looking to see Cookie Lyon branch out on her own.  Hopefully another network will have interest in it.

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