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Gabrielle Union Talks Putting Hairstylists in Her Contract


Gabrielle Union

In a recent interview, Gabrielle Union opened up about making sure she has her own personal people around her when she signs on to do new projects.   She said, “We create rituals in the hair and makeup trailer. Before work, we treat my hair. After work, we treat my hair. We do different steams every few days just to make sure it’s healthy and I survive a project. But I was able to do that the longer I’ve been in the union and the business by putting my stylists in my contract so there can be no funny business.”  She also said, “Your option as talent is to get your hair done before work, which means your money, your time. You have to do all of these things that your co-stars don’t have to do because they actually prioritize and value them and value their confidence and preparedness.”  Do you like other people to do your hair, or do you prefer to do it yourself? Are you picky about who does your hair?

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