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Michelle Obama and Others Urge Americans to Support Voting Rights


Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama is being joined by several celebrities in support of a voting rights bill that will expand access to voting nationwide as well as keep states from restricting the ability to vote by mail and, among other provisions, call for states to use independent redistricting commissions to create congressional district boundaries and keep other nations out of American elections.

Obama is the co-chair for the non-partisan organization, When We All Vote, she has several celebrities working with her to get the bill passed including Tom Hanks, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Kerry Washington.

The Voting Rights Act was passed in the House but will meet difficulty in the Senate where Republican-controlled states are trying to restrict access to voting.

Alicia Keys, Jada Pinkett Smith, Laverne Cox, Joe Jonas, Leonardo DiCaprio, Carmelo Anthony, and José Andrés have all lent their signatures to the bill, a hearing is scheduled for Wednesday (March 24).

Do you think a bill should be passed and signed into law that ensures everyone has access to vote?

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