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New Rick James doc reveals how penis-wielding coke binge helped Lionel Richie


Rick James

A new documentary reveals surprising details of Rick James’ life and how coke and his penis helped Lionel Richie’s career.

“Bitchin: The Sound and Fury of Rick James,” debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival on Tuesday evening (June 15) and James’ former manager, Kerry Gordy, eldest son of Motown head Berry Gordy, shared a story where James was upset over the sales and tour for his 1982 album, “Throwin’ Down.”

Gordy says James marched into Motown President Jay Lasker’s office to deliver his next LP. He poured out a mound of coke on his desk, snorted it, then jumped on Lasker’s desk and pulled out his penis and stuck it in Lasker’s face and screamed, “Sell my go_damn record!”

Afterward, Lasker just said, “Lionel Richie,” and from there on out Motown put all its might behind Richie and Rick James’ career never bounced back. “Bitchin: The Sound and Fury of Rick James” is now streaming on Tribeca At Home.

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