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Jazmine Sullivan Gets Some Crazy Confessions From Women


Jazmine Sullivan

What had happened was…Jazmine Sullivan posed a question in her Instagram Story  She wrote, tell me a secret you will never tell your partner.  Jazmine DEFINITELY got more than she bargained for.  Jazmine said the #1 response she received was from women saying their man has never made them ‘climax.’  She said the second most confessed story was from women saying they slept with their man’s father!  She also received confessions from women saying they were not sure who the father of their child was, one woman is splitting rent with her man on a house that he does not know she flat out owns, another woman said she sells her ‘nudes’ on the side to make money.  The responses, mostly from women, stressed Jazmine out to the point that she said she owes the men an album. She referred to it as a f- her album.  What is a secret your partner does not know about you?

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