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LGBTQ Org Signs Off on DaBaby Performing Again, Condemns Dave Chappelle


Da Baby

Relationship Unleashed, an LGBTQ organization, is signing off on DaBaby hitting the stage again after his homophobic rant at Miami’s Rolling Loud festival over the summer.

Gwendolyn D. Clemons, the CEO of the organization, says DaBaby met with them and they were able to communicate how his rant hurt those in the LGBTQ community, specifically those living with HIV/AIDS in his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Clemons, however, didn’t have the same empathy for Dave Chappelle who she says “knows what he’s doing.” She’s accusing the comedian of hate speech and gaslighting audiences by injecting points of view that are rooted in bigotry.

Do you think if the DaBaby is forgiven, Dave Chappelle should be forgiven too?

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