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Fans Upset with Adele for Canceling Shows




Adele angered her loyal fans when she canceled her upcoming Las Vegas residency due to COVID cases among her vaccinated crew.

She a video in tears explaining why she canceled her entire residency, but fans were unsympathetic.

People who paid thousands of dollars for tickets lashed out at the British pop star for behaving like a Diva. They say she’s a narcissist who only cares about herself.

Two sisters who found out about the cancellation while on a plane from New York to Las Vegas were left heartbroken and angry, according to the Daily Mail.  Can you imagine spending all of that money and finding out on the airplane??

Another family who paid half a year’s salary for tickets were waiting to board their plane when they learned of the cancellation.

Thomas Wright and a friend flew from South Carolina to Las Vegas for opening night. They found out the show was canceled when they landed. They are out over $2,500 for tickets, flight and hotel accommodations.  Hopefully, she will find a way to make this good to the fans who spent so much money because we all know Las Vegas show ain’t cheap.

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