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Why Ne-Yo Didn’t Sign Lucky Daye



Ne-Yo was on the FAQ Podcast hosted by Fuzzy and Quincy and shared a funny story.
He said he was going to sign artist Lucky Daye.
He said he worked with Lucky on the Miss Independent remix. Lucky was supposed to sing Jamie Foxx’s verse. Lucky wrote the verse.
Ne-Yo had to go out of town and left Lucky Daye in his home.
He told Lucky he could go anywhere in his house just don’t go in his master bedroom.
So what does Lucky Daye do? Go in his master bedroom.
Ne-Yo came home and found Lucky in his room, in his bed with a girl.
And that was the end of that!
Ne-Yo said the two laugh about that now and are still cool.
Ne-Yo’s new album Self Explanatory drops this Friday.

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