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Mariah Carey Wants 3 Million Lawsuit Dismissed

Mariah Carey Wants 3 million lawsuit dismissed.  Don’t mess with MiMi.  Promoters are suing her for what they claim are missed concerts in 2016.  Mariah’s camp wants the suit dismissed because they say the promoters waited to long to file.  It’s a back and forth between the two sides with neither letting up on the… Read more »

Did Arsenio

Did Arsenio Hall Confirm Donald Trump Jr’s Affair?

Did Arsenio Hall Confirm Donald Trumps Jr’s Affair?  First, I love me some Arsenio Hall!  I used to watch his show all the time back in the day.  But it’s a new day and people are wondering if Arsenio’s latest tweet reveals he knows first hand about Donald Trump Jr’s affair with Aubrey O’Day?  He… Read more »


Drake Quits Eating Meat But PETA Not Satisfied

Drake quits eating meat but PETA not satisfied.   Yes Drake recently revealed  he does not eat meat anymore and is a vegetarian because he wants to be in better health.  PETA applauded his efforts to give up meat, but now could he please give up his partnership with Canada Goose, because of they do… Read more »

Nick Gordon

Nick Gordon Arrested AGAIN

Nick Gordon arrested AGAIN.  Oh lawd,  according to Nick Gordon is back behind bars for violating the no contact order for putting his hands on his girlfriend Laura Leal.  Authorities told him to stay away, but he won’t and she just keeps letting him back in.  Someone called in to inform authorities he was… Read more »


Diddy Working on an App To Help Find Black Businesses

Diddy working on an app to help find black businesses.  Diddy believes in the black community.  That’s why he is says he is creating an app that will allow users to easily find black owned and black friendly businesses in any given neighborhood.  He’s says it’s about blacks gaining economic power.  The unnamed app is… Read more »


Sex and the City’s Cynthia Nixon Running for Governor of NY

Sex and the City’s Cynthia Nixon running for Governor of New York.  Wow when I heard this I was surprised.  Cynthia Nixon who played uptight lawyer Miranda Hobbes on the series is very serious about running in the Democratic Primary against Governor Cuomo.  I don’t know her to have any real Political experience, but we… Read more »

Chaka Khan

Chaka Khan High On Stage? Fans Walk Out

Chaka Khan high on stage?  Fans walk out.  What?? yes people are wondering what’s up with Chaka Khan when she performed at Jazz in the gardens in Miami.  Everyone said she looked beautiful but her performance was totally off.  There is even footage of her lackluster performance on video. See here

Vivica Fox

Vivica Fox Says 50 Cent Wanted to Propose

Vivica Fox says 50 Cent wanted to propose.  She is talking about their former relationship in her upcoming self help book “Everyday I’m Hustling”.  Now it’s been years since they’ve been together, but Vivica admits that 50 was the love of her life.  Even though over the years they have been going at it on… Read more »

Blue Ivy

Blue Ivy Bids $19,000 At Auction

Blue Ivy bids $19,000 at auction.  Yep Little Blue Ivy is learning how to bid on quality art.  If fact, even though she bid $19,000 on the piece of art, she lost that particular bid to Tyler Perry who bid $20,000 on the piece but did end up purchasing another piece for $10,000.  Ahh the… Read more »