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Home Depot Says Surveillance Footage Proves Tyrese Gibson Made False Claims



Home Depot claims that Tyrese Gibson is fabricating his claims of racism in his $1 million lawsuit against them and that they have video proof to support their claims.
The company alleges Tyrese entered their shop and took a number of things to the pay at the register, where the clerk scanned everything, according to new court documents.
However, he left to retrieve more items that he needed and left the register unattended for 25 minutes, which made the cashier void purchases.
It’s definitely a different story from what Tyrese claimed, which stems from racial profiling and discrimination.
Before he left the shop, Tyrese said he informed the cashier that his two assistants would complete the transaction with his credit card and that she had received his instructions.
Tyrese didn’t interact directly with any of their cashiers, according to CCTV footage, according to Home Depot.
He also said that he FaceTimed a cashier outside the establishment to give her permission to finish the transaction his companions were attempting to make, but that she refused to allow them use his card until he returned to the establishment to provide identification.
However, according to Home Depot, the cashier just asked Tyrese for identification and informed him that FaceTime wasn’t acceptable.
According to HD, security video allegedly captures Tyrese returning to the business and engaging in an argument with a clerk before presenting his ID and completing the sale.

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