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Mariah’s X-Mas Outfit Will Make Mrs. Claus Blush

Now Mariah Carey is a beautiful woman, but once you get past 40 years old it’s time to stop dressing all the time like a sex kitten…  Save that for the bedroom!!  Every time we see you, you don’t always have to let it all hang out.  You are a mother now and it’s ok… Read more »

Mariah Carey Reacts To Nick Cannon Having Baby

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have been apart for awhile so I guess she may not have any feeling’s one way or another if he is having a baby with another woman.  Nah you know she has to have some feeling’s about the father of her children having another child… I know I would.  See… Read more »

New Power Couple: Nick Cannon And Chilli

To each his or her own.  The rumors have circulating for weeks, that Nick Cannon and TLC’s Chilli, have bee quietly seeing each other, and now it looks like they are coming out in public with their union/ relationship and have been seen holding hands and looking real cozy together. I don’t think Nick has… Read more »

Nick Cannon Won’t Sign Divorce Papers For Mariah

What Nick Cannon won’t sign the divorce paper’s with Mariah Carey?  That’s what the reports are saying.  Why??  It has to only be one thing.  MONEY!!  ( I’m just saying) …why else wouldn’t he sign the papers?? They both seem to have moved on in their personal lives, so money and other assets have to… Read more »