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Ray J to Invest 5M to Launch Cannabis Brand

Ray J to invest 5m to launch cannabis brand.   I know this sounds old, but I never thought I would see the day that people openly invested 5 million dollars to buy weed or the correct term is cannabis.  Ray J is a businessman who sees the potential in the weed business.  He has… Read more »

Ray J

Ray J and Princess Love’s Baby Name Revealed

Ray J and Princess Love’s Baby name revealed.  You know how some of these celebrities name their babies some odd names like Gwyneth Paltrow naming her daughter “Apple” and the Carter’s naming their daughter “Blue Ivy” (even though we love her) Kim Kardashian naming her children “Chicago” and “Saint” and “North” West.  Congratulations and hats… Read more »

Ray J

Ray J and Princess Love Welcome a Baby Girl

Ray J and Princess Love Welcome a baby girl.  Congratulations!  Ray J and Princess Love now have a beautiful baby girl!.  Ray J says he was hoping for a girl as his first child, since a little boy can sometimes be to aggressive and wear you down lol.   Hopefully this baby will keep their… Read more »

Keyshai Cole

Keyshia Cole Quits Love and Hip Hop Hollywood

Keyshia Cole quits Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.  Wow…that’s the word according to  Keyshia joined Love and Hip Hop Hollywood so she could expand her fan base and promote her album,  Why she quitting is up in the air, and the details have not been released yet.  Maybe she was not able to promote… Read more »

Ray J

Ray J Is Suing Celebrity Big Brother

Ray J is suing Celebrity Big Brother.  He is suing them for kicking him off the show.   Now at first I thought, ok Ray J is throwing another temper tantrum but according to TMZ and Ray J is suing to get money he feels he was owed when he got kicked off the show. … Read more »


Brandy Returns To TV

You know I have always been a Brandy fan.  From her first hit single “I wanna be down” to her television work, Miss Brandy has done everything to stay relevant in a business that can pass you by in a heart beat.  Now Ray J is another story, but Brandy has that GOD given talent.  Now… Read more »

Ray J May Sue Kanye West

I was wondering when someone was going to think about a lawsuit or sue Kanye West for that controversial video which shows Kanye and Kim in bed with Donald Trump, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Taylor Swift, Amber Rose, Former President George Bush, Caitlyn Jenner, and Ray J. Well Ray J is exploring his legal options saying that… Read more »