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Tamar Braxton Scores Her First Movie Role

Tamar Braxton scores her first movie role.  It looks like Miss Tamar is following her big sis Toni’s foot steps by getting a movie role.  She announced it on her Instagram Page, with a picture but has not revealed what her role is or what the movie is…Stay tuned you know more is coming on… Read more »


Tamar Says Vince Had Affair And Much More

Tamar says Vince had affair and much more.  First a very fed up Tamar is saying Vince had a affair with reality TV star Laura Govan.  Then she is saying that Vince got another woman (she called the woman a whore) pregnant.  If any of this is true, there is no chance Vince will ever… Read more »

Toni Braxton Postpones Show After Lupus Breakout

Let’s keep Toni Braxton in our prayers.  She has been dealing with Lupus for quite some time and even though I’ve never experienced Lupus, I know it’s painful and can cause you a great deal of discomfort, and it looks like Toni had to postpone her show due to a Lupus breakout. Read More Here

Tamar Braxton Addresses Haters From Hospital Bed

Say what you will but Tamar Braxton is my girl!  The breakout reality star and singer has never not spoke her mind, and lately people have been all in her business about her marriage with Vince and she’s sick of it.  Show business can be very cruel now that we have social media. Tamar was… Read more »

Toni Braxton Receives A Lifetime Achievement Award

I saw the Toni Braxton movie on Lifetime the other night and I remember thinking, Miss Toni Braxton has been through some things. Divorce, bankruptcy, her son being autistic yeah she has been through some things.  It’s good to see life turning around for her. She was just awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the… Read more »

Toni Braxton Will Record New Album With Babyface

I love Toni Braxton and Babyface  singing together.  When the movie Unbreak my heart came on Lifetime a few weeks ago, one of my favorite parts in the movie was watching their chemistry together. Read More

Toni Braxton Movie Earn’s Praise

You know I glued to the television last night when “Unbreak My Heart” The Toni Braxton Story came on Lifetime.  I sat there thinking about how sometimes I am whining about my problems, and you look at what she had to endure, and I realized my problems weren’t so bad after all. All that glitter’s ain’t gold… Read more »

Unbreak My Heart – Toni Braxton Movie Trailer

On January 23, 2016 The Toni Braxton “Un break My Heart” will debut on Lifetime.   One casting choice I like is the actor who is playing Babyface.  Gavin Houston, who looks a lot like Babyface, and plays Jeffrey on “The Have and The Have Nots. See Some Pictures Here

Tamar Braxton Returns To Hospital

What!!  Tamar hospitalized again?  Well according to Hello Beautiful, Tamar is back in the hospital for the 2nd time… Let’s keep our girl in our prayers… Read Here for More

Toni Braxton To Play Herself On Lifetime Movie

Nothing is better for thee than me. Or maybe if you’re making a movie about your life, you play the starring role of you…yourself. That’s what Toni Braxton is doing.  She is also executive producing the movie.  Fantasia did it on her Lifetime movie, and I guess Toni says nobody can do me better than… Read more »