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Ludacris’ Random Act of Kindness For Widow


Ludacris Performs a Random Act of Kindness and the Person Didn’t Know It Was Him Actor and rapper Chris “Ludacris” Bridges was recently in a Whole Foods in Atlanta. The groceries of the woman in line in front of him spilled over to his groceries. She was buying food for her four rescue dogs, two rescue cats and her blind chicken names “Dixie Licklighter.” The bill totaled $375. When she asked him his name he told her “Chris.” He also made sure she had help getting her groceries to her car. They chatted a little, he asked about her rescue dogs, they shook hands and hugged. What he did not know is that she was going through a difficult time. She was only in Whole Foods because someone gave her a gift card because she can not normally afford to shop there. For the last four years she has been devastated by the loss of her husband to cancer. She is also a Hurricane Katrina survivor. The woman, Therra Gwyn-Jaramillo, who told her story via Twitter, asked everyone to “be like Ludacris, ya’ll.


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