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Kevin McCall Apologizes to Rihanna After Claiming She Pursued Him


Photo credit: Paolo Reversi

Singer/Songwriter Kevin McCall is apologizing to pop star Rihanna after his twitter tirade with Chris Brown went nuclear, apparently taking it a bit too far when he suggested Rihanna wanted to sleep with him.

McCall initially wrote on a now-deleted Instagram post in which he used a string of emojis to insinuate that Rihanna had pursued him.

After major backlash from fans, McCall decided to apologize to Rihanna early this morning, writing, “@rihanna I apologize for speaking ur name in any way that may have came off offensive I have nothing but the Upmost [sic] for your legacy.”

McCall’s rant may have gotten him in trouble with the powers that be as he claimed his social media accounts were being deleted.

“Lol they deleted my sound cloud account. Well ladies and gentlemen let’s see if I can write another hit from scratch with the help of GOD,” he writes.

Thus far, only McCall’s Twitter account has been reactivated.

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