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Maxwell Looking for a “Michelle Obama Lady”


Michelly Rall/Gallo Images/Getty ImagesAt 43 years old, Maxwell is still wrestling with the idea of getting married, and if he does find a bride, he wants her to be just like the first lady.

On the song “III” on his upcoming blackSUMMERS’night album he sings, “I just want a Michelle Obama lady/To hold me down when the world’s crazy.”

”I had to do that, since she’s leaving the office,” he tells Pitchfork. “She’s probably had the hardest position, all the opposition and the resistance she’s experienced, and having to console Barack [Obama] during the nights of trying to help get gay rights, stopping the whole gun thing….”

Maxwell says someone like Mrs. Obama would be an ideal mate, however connecting with that special woman seems almost impossible for him.

“For me, it’s difficult to find someone who’s actually all right with being in the background a little bit, being cool about it — being hot, but cool about it.”

The two-time Grammy award winner says he debates himself on whether he’s ready to be a husband.

“I’m a very complicated person,” he admits. “Sometimes I’m like, ‘Why should I get married? Just because it’s supposed to happen at a certain age? And then I get divorced?’ It’s a different era now, when people want their time more.”

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