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Tank’s looking forward to experiencing fans’ different energies on R&B Money Tour


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It’s been roughly two years since Tank dropped the original R&B Money album, and it’s finally time to take that show on the road. The trek kicks off Friday, May 10, in New Orleans, with his performances preceded by supporting acts Carl Thomas and Keri Hilson. Tank tells ABC Audio choosing them was an easy decision. 

“When we do these doo-wops, these are R&B parties from 5 to 9, it’s all R&B music,” Tank explains. “When Keri music comes on, people go crazy. Carl Thomas music come on, people go crazy, you know what I mean? The list goes on and on…So I’m experiencing all of this music have a resurgence and people, you know, people wanting it, wanting to feel that again. And so it was easy. I just called my friends.”

In addition, he notes Keri and Carl also bring the vibe he wants for this tour. 

“I just want it to be classic. I want the people to feel like they can put on some nice clothes and come out and have a good time,” he explains. “And I felt like these two artists, Carl Thomas and Keri, exemplify that.”

As for what fans can expect, Tank says there will be singing, dancing and clothes taken off, among other things. He jokes he has plans to even compete against Usher‘s roller-skating on stage. “I gotta one up him because he’s getting on my nerves with that roller-skating,” he jokes. “So I will be skiing on the R&B Money tour, okay? Real snow and skis.”

Tank adds he’s looking forward to the “different energies” that each city will bring.

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