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No love, at all: Fans drag Whitney Houston hologram performance after it debuts on UK television


BASE HologramProducers of Whitney Houston‘s upcoming hologram trek, An Evening With Whitney: The Whitney Houston Hologram Tour, may want to check in with their graphics team before they officially hit the road.

After Houston’s hologram made its television debut on the British morning show This Morning, fans shared some strong reactions to the posted performance where Houston’s blurry image is seen singing a dubbed version of her hit single “The Greatest Love of All.”

“She was our greatest love of all, and now Whitney’s back for a hologram tour!,” reads a tweet by This Morning, which showed a gif of Whitney’s hologram performance. Fans quickly unloaded after the post went viral.

“There’s something very wrong with that, it didn’t really look like her… I’d much rather just watch the DVD thank you,” wrote one fan.

“Very Creepy! Let Her Rest In Peace Seriously,” shared another.

“Sorry but it looked terrible,” tweeted another fan. “It’s just a way of money grabbing people to make money off her while she is dead. They’re really taking away her dignity.”

Seemingly prepared for the criticism, Houston’s step-sister and former manager, Pat Houston, responded to fans’ disappointment.

“Of course she doesn’t look like her. She is a hologram,” Pat said. “If you are coming for a Whitney’s experience then it’s the place to be. Just let the music play!”

As previously reported, the tour will feature Houston’s hits, including “I Will Always Love You,” “I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)” and “The Greatest Love of All.”  A live band will perform with backup dancers.

An Evening With Whitney: The Whitney Houston Hologram Tour, produced by BASE Hologram in partnership with the Houston estate, kicks off on February 25. Tickets are now on sale on the tour website.

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