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Facebook Opens in Fort Worth

Facebook opened a data center in Fort Worth. The data center is in a 450,000 square foot building. Facebook plans to add 4 more buildings on a 150-acre campus. That’ll make it Facebook’s biggest data center in the world. Read more here.

Ft. Worth Police Officer Gets 10 Day Suspension

Officer William Martin was called to a neighborhood after Jacqueline Craig called for assistance. She says a neighbor allegedly choked her son. The neighbor allegedly said the child was littering. Officer Martin questioned Miss Craig’s parenting. She was arrested and so were two of her daughters. After Martin met with Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald, he… Read more »

Fort Worth Mother Arrested, Wants Charges Dropped

Looks like the Fort Worth mother, who was arrested after she called for help but got arrested instead, is asking for those charges to be dropped! Jacqueline Craig along with her two daughters, are facing a variety of charges including interference with public duty, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and failing to provide identification! According the… Read more »

Fort Worth Police Investigate Cop For Aggressive Arrest

A Fort Worth cop is currently under investigation after he aggressively arrested a mother, after she called for help! The police officer is on restricted duty after a Facebook video showed him arresting a woman who’d called police to complain that a neighbor had allegedly assaulted her young son! “It Made Me Feel Less Than… Read more »