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Meghan Markle At US Open To Support Serena


Serena Williams’ coach was worried about The Duchess of Sussex’ surprise visit at 2019 US Open Women’s Final to support Serena Williams. Meghan Markle’s presence could be a distraction this afternoon. Tennis player’s are very superstitious and Serena lost when Meghan attended Wimbledon. Serena keeps asking if Meghan is attending and her coach keeps telling her to, focus, focus, focus.  He said, there will be 23,000 people in the stadium, one more or less won’t change a thing. I think there may be something to the tennis superstitions and The Duchess.

Meghan is a real friend and even flew a commercial flight to make it to New York on Friday

UPDATE: Canadian Bianca Andreescu stunned Serena Williams in a 6-2, 7-5 victory to win the 2019 US Open title. The 19-year-old is the first Canadian singles player to win a Grand Slam event. Serena Williams won her first US Open in 1999 Bianca wasn’t even born.

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