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Rapper Future’s 7th Baby Mama Calls Him Out Over Child Support


Future’s 7th baby mama is calling him out for not paying child support. Her name is Eliza Reign. She took to her Instagram Live to air him out. I kept quiet for months. Nobody heard a fucking thing…at the end of the day take care of your responsibilities. Future is currently on vacation with one of his baby mama’s He also posted on his Instagram that he has 5 wives and that he loves them all to death. By wives he means mother of his kids. That also means he is including Ciara in his wives comment, the real wife of quarterback Russell Wilson. Future has a total of 6 kids with 5 women. Money is also not a problem for him. Many of these women have to resort to social media because they may not have any other way to air out grievances. Future’s “wife” comment is so inappropriate it’s really ignorant!

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