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Biden: Kamala Harris Could Be VP or Supreme Court


Even if her days as a hopeful Democratic nominee ended this week, the buzz remains that Senator Kamala Harris could still help lead the free world as Vice President, according to campaign foe and former Vice President Joe Biden. But Biden doesn’t want her to be just anyone’s VP.  He would consider Harris as HIS Vice President in 2020.   Saying that the race for the Democratic nomination “lost a really good one” Biden said “Of course!” when asked by reporters at Iowa State University if he’d consider Harris as a running mate. Biden has full confidence in Harris, adding “Her capacity is unlimited.”  Obama’s former VP said Harris had the potential to hold down his old job, become a U.S. Supreme Court Justice, the nation’s Attorney General or even President…well, maybe in 2024. In fact, a 2020 Biden/Harris run could give Biden a better chance at the Democratic nomination.  I would like to see her appointed as the next Supreme Court Justice.

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