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Gabrielle Union Team ‘Hair Love’ Invites DeAndre Arnold To Oscars


DeAndre Arnold is the senior high school student from Texas who has been suspended from school until he cuts his dreadlocks. He will not be able to attend graduation either until he cuts his hair. He was recently on Ellen and was presented with a $20,000 check toward his college tuition. Well now, Mathew A. Cherry, Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade are flying him out to the Oscars. They are all part of the Oscar nominated short film, “Hair Love.” The short is about a black father who wears his own hair in locs and learns how to do his daughter’s hair. The trio is flying DeAndre and his mom to LA and providing them with lodging and car service. Dove is giving them the “red carpet” treatment covering their tickets to the Oscars and their wardrobe to the big night.

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