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Ice Cube Calls On Hollywood Studios To Make Amends For Mistreatment Of Black Artists


In a recent interview, Ice Cube calls out Hollywood movie studios for taking advantage of the black community and failing to reinvest in it. Cube feels that studios have profited from the pain and have misrepresented the black community for over 100 years and hasn’t made amends.  “Studios that we love, should kick in to a studio that’s [run] by black people with no outside influences, and whose movies and projects are owned by those black people…” says Cube.  Cube’s vision of reparations includes licensing projects from black-owned studios and he proposes an investment of 13.5 percent of wealth based on black people making up 13.5 percent of the country.  “Every great actor or director or writer — has ten projects they can’t get made because some white people can’t understand what they’re trying to make,” says Cube.

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