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WNBA Fans & Supporters Renew Calls For U.S. To Bring Brittney Griner Home


Last week U.S. and Russian authorities conducted a prisoner swap for retired U.S. Marine Trevor Reed. That prompted excitement and  optimism among supporters for WNBA-star and native-Texan Brittney Griner. Is there a chance that Brittney could get a deal worked out for her release soon? Griner has been in custody since February, when Russian authorities claimed she was caught with cannabis oil vape cartridges at a Moscow airport. That was one week before Russia invaded of Ukraine. She’s due to appear in court May 19th. U.S. officials did not name Griner specifically but told reporters they were “very aware that there are other Americans held in Russia” and are continuing to work on a solution. These types of international issues require a lot of secrecy leading up to an agreement for a release of any American from foreign custody.

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