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Brittney Griner Talks Russian Detention Experience In New Memoir


WNBA star Brittney Griner is opening up about her suicidal feelings in her jail cell in Russia in 2022. In a new interview. Griner said despair washed over her when she arrived in the cell and explained, “I did not feel like a human at that point. I just sat there and thought about ending it – just came up with a plan on how I could do it.” Griner has written a memoir called, “Coming Home, in which she recounts being mentally and physically humiliated by guards, the constant pain from squeezing her 6-foot-9 frame into cramped beds, and cutting her hair because it was so cold that her hair froze. She says she pushed back her suicidal thoughts though explaining, “But, you know, after a couple of days and just thinking about it, you know, ‘What is my mom gonna say? What is my dad, my brother, my sister, my wife.’ I couldn’t do that to them. I’m already locked up abroad. I can’t add any more stress to them like that.” Griner was convicted on drug charges and ended up being held for 10 months before a prisoner swap secured her freedom. BG’s new book is a available now.



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