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Scientists Warn Apple Airpods Could Carry Cancer Risk

Wireless earbuds like Apple’s Airpods are everywhere these days and useers seem to love them.  But scientists are warning that the tiny Bluetooth devices could bring a greater risk of cancer. Over 250 scientists have signed on to a UN and World Health Organization petition warning that the earbuds carry a possible cancer risk, due… Read more »

Apple Announces Multi-Media Deal With Oprah

Two giants come together to enrich our lives to the fullest! This week Apple announced a major, multi-year entertainment partnership with the media mogul Oprah Winfrey.  Oprah will produce original content for Apple across its streaming platforms. The deal between Oprah and Apple will also allow the media queen to do film, TV, applications, books or… Read more »

Apple Apologizes For Slowing Down Old iPhones

Apple today apologized to its customers for slowing down the performance on older iPhone models. The company said it would discount replacement batteries for some models after a series of lawsuits stating that Apple had unfairly pushed consumers to upgrade their phones. I don’t need a battery, I need some of my money back when I… Read more »

iPhone Owners Sue Apple For Slowing Down Old Phones

If you own an iPhone you may have noticed as soon as the new iphone was released or your lease was up for renewal your phone would start to malfunction. Well the proof is in the pudding and now there is a class-action lawsuit alleging that was exactly what Apple was doing.  Read more here!… Read more »