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Price is Right Model Accidently Gives Away New Car By Mistake


A contestant on the long-running game show The Price is Right won a brand new car the easy way — by mistake.

It all went down this week when a contestant named Andrea tried to guess the price of a new 2015 Hyundai Sonata. Fortunately for her, the absent-minded Manuela was assisting host Drew Carey.

Andrea had 3 chances to guess the correct price. Manuela’s only job was to unveil the price after Andrea took a guess. Andrea’s first guess was wrong. But before Andrea could guess again, Manuela unveiled the winning price.

She tried to cover the price back up — which is akin to shutting the door after the horse is out of the barn. Manuela instantly realized her mistake — much to Andrea and Drew’s delight. What a way to win a new car!

“Congratulations! Manuela just gave you a new car!” Drew told Andrea. Manuela, looking for a hole to crawl into, hides behind the stage prop instead. Andrea coaxes her out and gives her a big hug.

No word on whether the price of the car will come out of Manuela’s next 10 paychecks.

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