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Aretha Franklin Blocks Screening of Documentary at Film Festival


Aretha Franklin earned some R-E-S-P-E-C-T in a federal courtroom on Friday she convinced , a judge to prevent the Telluride Film Festival from screening a documentary about a 1972 concert of hers without the Queen of Soul’s written consent.

Re Re testified via speakerphone from Detroit and said she’s fought for years to prevent the screening of the movie, titled “Amazing Grace,” about her concert in Los Angeles. She was upset to discover Wednesday that the festival announced it would show the movie three times, with the first showing only a few hours before she spoke in court.

“For him to show that film, for him to completely and blatantly ignore me would be terrible,” she said of the film’s producer, Alan Elliot, whom she sued in 2011 to prevent a prior showing of the movie. “For him to do that would encourage other people to do the same thing and encourage other people to do the same shows no RESPECT for me.


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