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Nelly Rape Accuser Wants to Drop Charges



Nelly Rape Accuser Wants To Drop Charges.   Yes according to Page 6 the woman who is accusing Nelly of rape on a Seattle tour bus last week says she does not want to pursue the rape charges against him.  Why?  Her attorney says it’s because the woman believes the system will fail her.  Is she afraid to charge a powerful man (Nelly) of raping her because she feel’s she doesn’t have a voice?  Sounds almost like the countless women coming forward in the Harvey Weinstein situation.  Look how many years it took for these women to come forward.

Or it is because she lied?  Only two people know for sure what happened the woman and Nelly.  I would certainly hope she is not lying about this happening to her.  Raping a woman is just wrong, and the effects it has on a woman can be devastating.

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